I’ve been itching to do some more photography at Lake Munmorah recently. Yesterday I saw Wes walking home from the supermarket and slowed down and yelled out of my car window “Interested in doing a shoot at Lake Munmorah this afternoon?” He sounded keen so a little later on in the day we jumped in the car and went to the the beach where we snapped these shots.

These guys had a great energy together. Summer is a super happy girl who whistled and hummed throughout the shoot and Wes is the dapper gentleman – offering to hold cameras between shots and always holding up a good conversation with Summer and myself as I went about my work. I felt that Lake Munmorah suited these guys as a place to do a spot of photography – after a couple of shots it seemed as though we were all on the same level and the afternoon was super fun.

Tech stuffs: I shot with a few different cameras on this one. One was a Pentax 67 with the 105 f2.4 lens,  the next one was also a Pentax 67 but with a  75 f2.8 lens, and finally the last one was the Pentax 645N with the 105 f2.4 attached. The last bit of the post on the headland is all 645N. You can usually tell the difference between the cameras based on the crop ratio. Everything was shot on Fuji 400H, and developed/scanned at home.

**This is filed under engagement shoots but these guys aren’t engaged (just incase anyone gets any ideas)  – I just wanted a chance to experiment with a film stock I haven’t had much experience with.**


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