James Bennett Wedding Photographer

Photo by Dominique Cherry


So this is the part where I have to say a little bit about myself :)

I’d love to say that I’ve lived and breathed photography since I was a kid – that I found it and never let it go. Truth be told it found me. I’d bought a digital camera back in 2002 (yes it was only 4 megapixels) and played around with it a bit for fun. Back then I was a graphic designer and it would usually be sitting on my desk while I worked. One day a photoshoot was scheduled but alarmingly the photographer was sick – my boss saw the camera on my desk and told me to be the photographer. Talk about jumping in the deep end!

Since then I developed a solid grounding in commercial photography shooting but I still felt like I was missing something… that is until one day a friend asked me to shoot their wedding – and I haven’t looked back. Now my career is focused on weddings because it’s just so fun. It’s never the same. It always challenges me. It always inspires me. I love it.