mindaribba house hunter valley wedding


This wedding is set in the picturesque Mindaribba House in the beautiful wedding mecca of the Hunter Valley, NSW. Mindaribba House is a hugely sought after venue and one of my personal favorites to photograph when it comes to Hunter Valley weddings.

Besides being two of the more genetically blessed humans on the planet, Nick and Tanya are genuinely beautiful people. From the inside out these two radiate kindness and it’s clear to see why each was drawn to the other.

The pair met at a birthday party for a mutual friend whilst living in Singapore, and in the weeks that followed there were several social run-ins where the two happened to meet again and again. As fate would have it, Nick was doing a shoot near Tanya’s office (yes ladies, he’s a model) and decided to pay her a little visit. Tanya worked in a bridal store so it’s easy to imagine the attention and fuss a male visitor of his caliber would attract. Clearly there was only one thing to do… so Tanya did what any self respecting woman would do and asked him to dinner.

Later that night when she finished work, they met up and attempted to find a cozy place to grab a bite to eat however all the restaurants in the area were closed and the pair found themselves on a first date with little to no options. Clearly there was one thing and one thing only to do… “We can head to my place and I’ll cook”, he suggests with both a smooth and gentlemanly air.
I don’t know what he made that night for dinner but whatever it was it worked! Nick and Tanya spent the next 7 years falling in love, traveling together, working apart and surviving a long distance relationship between Sydney and Singapore.

It was on a trip to New Zealand when he finally did it. The pair were enjoying a helicopter tour of the Milfourd Sounds when he proposed atop a snow capped mountain (the romance game is strong with this one) to which Tanya said a resounding “yes”!

Their special day was set on the property of the stunning Mindaribba House with even their little french bulldog Winston in attendance at their perfect Hunter Valley wedding. The weather was stunning, the guests stylish, and Tanya definitely gave Nick a run for his modelling money when it came to throwing some heart stopping stares down my lens.

Here’s to this beautiful (photogenic) couple making my job insanely easy and allowing me to capture their special Hunter Valley wedding at Mindaribba House. I am always honored at the prospect of the great responsibility that’s been entrusted to me on one of the most important days of people’s lives and to Nick and Tanya – a sincere thank you.

– “Stuck On You” – Meiko

newcastle wedding photographer


Every once in a while I have the pleasure of photographing a Newcastle wedding that really honours and celebrates the beauty of this totally underrated coastal town. This particular wedding was genuine and understated, unique and comfortable, simple and beautiful just like the couple it was designed to celebrate. As far as this Newcastle wedding photographer is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than this. Everything just worked… the weather played nice, the couple were effortlessly stylish and Newcastle really turned it on with that magical light at sunset it’s so loved for by locals and international travelers alike (not to mention every Newcastle wedding photographer in the business).

At sometime before midnight on Christmas eve in 2013, Eddie proposed to Steph. They were slumped on their couch after visiting family all evening. Steph wasn’t sure if Eddie was joking as they’d been together for 10 years. Eddie assured her it was the real deal, and after a bit of laughter, Steph said yes.

Steph and Eddie represent a new breed of  Novacastrains. Since BHP closed down Newcastle has been evolving into a different city – there are now more artists per capita in this city than anywhere else in Australia. Steph and Eddie were originally in a band called the Sea Bellies – then Eddie had a bunch of songs he wanted to develop with a different approach so he  formed a five piece folk/pop band called Twin Lakes – described as “infectiously melodic with tangled simplicity”.

Being such creative individuals, this wedding was always going to be a DIY affair.  Steph said the goal was to make this a very family/community oriented wedding. Originally the ceremony was planned for their backyard but with numbers and logistics making this a challenge, Steph and Eddie opted to have the ceremony across the road from their home in the neighborhood park. Having lived in Cooks Hill (Newcastle) for over 8 years, it just felt right. Keeping to the family/friends theme Eddie and Steph were married by Steph’s Auntie who had previously been the celebrant for Stephs sister. Catering was looked after entirely by family too! Hair was done by Steph’s friend Lana Tilar,  and makeup was also done by a friend –  Amber Mooney.

Steph went to the Sydney Flower Markets the day before the wedding and loaded her car to the brim. Guests were encouraged to take flowers home with them as a keepsake for the special day.  The day before the wedding a small army was mobilised and everyone helped set up the hall. A local company called the Wedding Designer supplied chairs, lounges, the bar and a bunch of other things. Steph looted her doily collection to decorate the tables and all in all everything came together to create a fresh, country theme that included as many friends and family as possible.

A big thank you to Jennifer Young for helping me shoot this one. I think we make a great team :)