This is why I love my job. Hunter Valley wedding photography will always be special because it’s on my home turf. I shoot more weddings in the Hunter Valley than any other location and it never gets old. This time the wedding was at the stunning Albion Farm. I loved shooting there. It’s owned by a cool family who are super accommodating to everyone and make sure that the gardens always look incredible. Anyway… it’s time for me to talk about the couple. Alyce and Matt. Wow. These guys seemed to have infinate number of friends (choosing the guest list to this one would have been triiiiickky) and were really warm happy people. They spotted each other in the uni bar a few years ago they were never the same. I guess smitten would be the word that comes to mind when I think about how these two were around each other. When Alyce walked down the isle Matt let out a huge laugh of happyness and excitement – it was quite unexpected! As a result everybody else roared with laughter for one of the most unique bridal entrances I’ve ever witnessed. Once all the location photos were taken we drove back to Newcastle where the wedding photography continued at Longworth House. Speeches, entres, mains all happened upstairs and then downstairs was where the party really started – Matt sang Alyce a song that he’d written before Alyce responded with a bridal flash dance. A photobooth was setup in the corner too  for those crazy photos you just can’t otherwise (you’ll see what I mean!). It’s couples like this that remind me why I love doing Hunter Valley wedding photography.

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